How are you feeling about the current state of your IT infrastructure and systems within your organization?

When we ask business owners or even IT departments this question, we get a wide range of answers. In some cases they may be feeling very confident in their IT department and have no worries at all. More often, however, we hear from less confident business owners who feel their IT systems have been patched together as problems have arisen or their business has grown.

Outgrowing your current IT infrastructure can be a good problem to have! In most cases it means your business is successfully growing and needing new tools to support that growth.

For the business owners and IT departments we talk to who feel a little lost within their own IT system, we always recommend and offer an IT Audit.

What is an IT Audit?

An IT Audit is just as it sounds. Our team of incredibly knowledgeable IT experts will take a look at all your IT assets, systems, and infrastructure and take account of how they are working to serve your business goals.

From there, we can make suggestions for you to best move forward in continuing to grow and manage your business efficiently. Many times this will include utilizing our computer services in Dayton, Ohio.

Not only can our services help you continue to reach your business goals without a less than IT system holding you back but we can actually help accelerate growth throughout a variety of network solutions.

Network/Infrastructure Assessment and Design

We can start from ground zero or help redesign inefficiencies in your network infrastructure. Our IT audits allow us to get the full picture of how you need your IT to serve your business and we can design it to do just that!

Hardware and Software Selection

We offer you expert knowledge on the best hardware investments to have your business running smoothly as well as the best softwares available based on your industry of business.

Asset Management

Any IT assets you own or plan to purchase should be monitored, updated, and taken care of. We are available to help with this as it fits the needs of your business. This can include recommending new solutions or fixing old ones.

Secure VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

Network security is of top priority for all businesses these days, and it’s one of our top priorities as well. Our risk based approach to network security and cybersecurity monitoring options will have your organization’s network more secure than ever.

Server Virtualization and Consolidation

As a company grows their IT needs grow with them. We offer businesses a chance to consolidate and upgrade their servers to meet their current and future needs.

BYOD and Mobility Solutions

With work from home and flexible work options continuing to be popular, companies are finding themselves in need of help with employee devices and seeking mobile and remote working options that are efficient and secure.

We want to partner with you and empower you to leverage and manage your IT investments by using technology to positively impact your bottom line. Expedient Technology Solutions is ready to assess the needs of any sized business and help you continue to grow your business.