Any business today has to have some level of understanding, monitoring, and complying to cybersecurity guidelines and safety measures. While this is a commonly known aspect of running a business, it is less commonly known that there can be multiple levels and approaches to your businesses’ cybersecurity. 

Unless you have a robust IT department or specialize in aspects of cybersecurity, it is likely your cybersecurity isn’t as sophisticated as it could and really should be. 

Many companies follow a compliance based approach to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, simply focusing on compliance could leave you vulnerable to cyber threats, attacks, and hacks. This ultimately leaves your company vulnerable to destruction and jeopardizes the security of your clients or customers information, as well. 

As a company with years of experience providing IT support in Dayton, Ohio which includes robust cybersecurity services, we follow a risk based approach to cybersecurity which will have your business much more protected than relying on compliance. Let’s take a look at the difference.

Compliance Based Approach to Cybersecurity

Compliance Cybersecurity simply refers to following the rules and regulation set by the government or other regulatory institutions. These regulations have created a checklist for businesses to follow in order to be considered “safe” or doing their part to protect their customers personal information. 

Compliance is a very important thing in the world of IT and cybersecurity. With how sophisticated technology has become, including the methods used to compromise and hack your data, compliance is really just the start. 

If you are only focusing on compliance when it comes to cybersecurity, that is a great start, but you may be missing an even more important part of cybersecurity which involves reducing your risk in the first place.

Risk Based Approach to Cybersecurity

This is where a risk based approach to cybersecurity comes into play. This approach takes cybersecurity beyond simply complying to government regulations and looks at how a company can reduce their risk of cybersecurity threats, overall. 

This systematic method will identify, evaluate and prioritize any number of threats facing your business. This approach allows customization to the specific threats and needs your individual business may be facing. 

Learn More About Risk Based Approach to Cybersecurity 

At Expedient Technology Solutions we are harnessing the expertise and years of experience of our team of professionals to apply a risk based approach to cybersecurity. This means we are actively working with the companies we serve to reduce their risk of security threats within their IT systems. 

Our founder and cybersecurity consultant , Marcus Thompson, is even partnering with Technology First to host an upcoming event all about a risk based approach to cybersecurity. 

This session will review real-life local examples of cybersecurity incidents and their effects on the business.  Also covered will be how to approach cybersecurity at the business level to make risk-based decisions around cybersecurity.  You’ll learn about key planning steps and documentation needed to determine risk, prioritize response, and justify expense.

Cybersecurity – A Risk Based Approach with Technology First

Wed, Sep 29, 2021 12:00 – 1:00pm,  Registration only $5