In our technology-driven world today, there is no longer an excuse to not pay adequate attention to your cybersecurity. You are responsible to your employees, customers, investors, and bank account to ensure information, data, resources, and dollars are protected from the ongoing cyber threats any business faces today.

The world of cybersecurity is a fast-paced world, where it can be detrimental if you can’t keep up. Hackers are quickly evolving and developing new ways to access your business data, which means cybersecurity needs to be evolving and developing even faster.

While technology is ever changing and evolving, those who are experts in cybersecurity and keeping your information and data safe, continually fall back to the three pillars of information security.

confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Expedient Technology provides managed IT services to large and small businesses alike, and much of what we do involves consistently monitoring and protecting your business’s cybersecurity. As experts in cybersecurity, we know we have to move faster and innovate more than those who are after your data. We are able to successfully do so for countless businesses while keeping the three pillars of cybersecurity in mind.

Let’s take a look at what each pillar entails.


When you think of confidentiality, you think of private information, secrecy, and information that is only accessible by those with permission to access it. Confidentiality applies to Cybersecurity in the same way it applies to other areas of our life.

Having confidentiality in your cybersecurity means your data is only accessible to authorized parties. Protecting confidentiality involves organizing data in multiple ways. This includes who needs to access it and the overall sensitivity. Protecting confidentiality also means monitoring for threats such as hacking or social engineering.


Data integrity involves protecting it from tampering, altering, or unauthorized edits. Data is only valuable if it is a true and authentic representation of the facts, figures or information.

Integrity of data can be compromised through transmission during upload or storage.


Availability refers to how the data or information is accessed by authorized parties. Availability requires reliable computing, security, and communication systems. Availability looks at how data is accessed in the event of a cybersecurity threat, power outage, or hardware failure.

What Does Your Cybersecurity Look Like?

Information security is more than just protecting your information or data from unknown hackers across the world but developing systems to manage your data eternally and ensure efficient and secure processes for your team and business.

Through confidentiality, integrity, and availability, our team of cybersecurity professionals in Dayton, Ohio can help you manage and protect your business’s data and overall success.