No matter the size of your business, what type of business you own, or your level of IT expertise, the chances are high, it’s almost a guarantee that you have run into IT challenges.

As experts in technology we are passionate about how much harnessing the benefits of technology can help a business run efficiently and be successful. We know, however, that technology use can come with challenges no matter how sophisticated your IT department may be. 

Luckily, many larger businesses are able to employ IT departments that can take these IT challenges with little to no incident or downtimes. Unfortunately, small or medium sized businesses don’t alway have the capacity or the need to employ IT professionals. Does this make them immune to IT complications and hurdles? Not at all. So what is the solution?

Managed IT Services

Utilizing our managed IT services in Dayton, Ohio can help set small and medium (even large) businesses up for greater success and less IT headaches when it comes to tackling the challenges many of you face. How can we help you overcome some of these common IT challenges for your business?

The Need for Ongoing Maintenance 

IT equipment and software needs a lot of supervision and ongoing maintenance. From server updates to downloading new patches, the days of an IT professional can fill quickly with these mundane maintenance tasks. 

This leaves little to no room for higher level strategy and implementation of IT initiatives. Our managed IT services can take these maintenance tasks off your hands, freeing up time for your team to work and concentrate on greater business goals.

The Need For Around the Clock Monitoring

What happens to your IT systems when your team clocks out for the day, takes a vacation, or has a sick day? Unlike your average employee, your IT systems do not clock out at the end of the day which means they are just as susceptible to crashes, cybersecurity threats, or small problems, on nights and weekends as they are during the work week.

What is your plan for an IT emergency? Do you have someone monitoring your systems around the clock? That’s where our managed IT services come into play. We are clocked in and monitoring your systems even when you are clocked out. 

The Need for a Vast Field of Knowledge

The world of IT is huge and encompasses many different disciplines and fields of expertise. It is nearly impossible for one person to become an expert in it all. This leaves you and your business limited to the knowledge of whoever is overseeing your IT, if any at all. 

Working with managed IT services offers you access to professionals from every area of IT expertise and has them available to support you in ways you may have not even known you needed. 

Staffing and Budget Needs 

Many small or medium businesses simply cant afford to hire an IT staff member or department. This means they are either relying on their own limited knowledge to make it, hoping nothing catastrophic hits their IT systems, or paying astronomical prices for individual services when something goes wrong. 

Managed IT Services solves this challenge for small and medium sized businesses as we offer our IT support at an affordable monthly rate. This allows you to budget in your IT services and offers you all the benefits listed above plus much more!

If you haven’t yet, contact our IT professionals at Expedient Technology Solutions to see how we can serve your business and help you overcome these challenges today.