As a business owner, employer, leader, or employee, efficiency within your teams and your own work will always be a top priority. As the age old saying goes, it’s always better to work smarter not harder, right? There are several distractions, time wasters, technology struggles, or other problems that can plague an office, whether in person or virtual, and kill efficiencies in the workplace.

Luckily, there are also a lot of simple ways to improve and prioritize efficient and effective work for the good of your company as a whole, your overall workplace culture, and employee satisfaction.

1. Effective Communication

We all know communication is key. This applies to any relationship you will ever have in your life, whether personal or professional. From a professional standpoint, using the proper means of communication can be just as important as what you are communicating.

With workplaces going hybrid (in person and remote) choosing proper communication methods is more important than ever. Your organization should set a standard of what is appropriate and works best for your team.

In person meetings and emails will likely always still have a time and a place but today, many organizations are turning to programs and software such as Microsoft Teams to manage their internal communication. These platforms are all in one with video calling, private messaging, group messaging, and document sharing capabilities.

Utilizing effective internal communication through programs like these will declutter inboxes and save valuable time and energy for your whole team.

2. Clear Goals And Incentives

Be sure the goals and values of your organization are clear to everyone on your team. Without goals and work milestones your team may be running in all different directions. Setting goals can help everyone work together in unity towards one common goal.

It also never hurts to offer incentives. Incentives can help motivate your team and increase office morale which in turn increase office efficiency.

3. Don’t Forget to Delegate

Delegation is important when developing healthy team dynamics. It allows everyone a chance to feel they are playing an important role and helps talents shine that you may have not noticed in the past. Match tasks with the skillsets of those on your team. Multiple people can accomplish much more that you ever could on your own.

4. Support & Resources

Employees or team members who feel supported are often more motivated to work hard and achieve great things for the companies they work for. By professionally supporting your team through training, education, feedback and direction you will be investing in increasing the efficiency of your team, office and overall business.

Be sure to always provide your team members with the resources they need. It can be nearly impossible to accomplish tasks when you aren’t properly resourced to do so. Without proper resources employees can feel discouraged and waste time trying to manage roadblocks, while being ill equipped to do so.

One of the biggest killers of efficiency in the office can be technology issues. We have all been there. Sitting at the computer spending half our day trying to figure out a simple computer glitch that derails the productivity of our whole week.

Utilizing a managed service provider in Dayton, Ohio to support all your business IT needs and challenges is one of the most practical ways you can equip your team and offices for success.

5. Value Relationships

Lastly, take time to get to know who you work with. Whether You are a business owner, manager, or employee it’s always more enjoyable to work alongside people we know and care about. Employees are much more likely to want to contribute to the success of a company when they feel valued, seen, challenged, and respected.

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, taking the time to invest in your team in this way will return improved office productivity and unify your team towards your business goals.