Ransomware has made news headlines throughout 2021 as one of the year’s biggest cybersecurity threats. With new ransomware attacks happening more and more often, businesses need to be aware of these malicious tactics and have their defenses up in order to prevent themselves and their company from being the next victim.

You may be unfamiliar with the term ransomware or really just unsure of what exactly ransomware is. Simply put, Ransomware is a software used by hackers and criminals to extort money from victims. They hold your data and entire operating system hostage and demand monetary payment in order to get your data back and your system operational again. This type of cyber attack is one of the most aggressive and malicious threats to cybersecurity today.

A ransomware attack can cost a business millions of dollars and countless hours to repair, rebuild, and recover damage that is done.

What Does A Ransomware Attack Look Like?

Most ransomware attacks start with a compromised system, then control of the server. This is where the attackers gain access to install the malware that will then encrypt your data in order to hold it for ransom. The infected machine will then display a message with the demands of the attacker for the company. Usually, these demands are monetary.

From there, a company has two options. The first option is to pay the ransom. Payment is usually demanded in cryptocurrency, credit card, or gift card. Once payment is made, attackers say they will provide the decryption key to restore all data. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, resulting in both data and financial loss.

If you choose not to pay the ransom, you will need to rely on system rebuilds and data backs-up in order to restore your operations. Both options come with risk and it is impossible to come out from a ransomware attack unskathed.

How Can You Be Protected From Ransomware?

Now more than ever, it is incredibly important to be sure your business’s data and IT systems are protected and your cybersecurity is up to par with the ever changing and evolving cyber threat landscape.

How do you do that?

Working with a company like Expedient Technology will provide you with accredited experts in the field of network security in Dayton, Ohio. Our Stress Free IT ® managed cybersecurity services will provide you with experts with knowledge and skills in preventing and protecting your business from ransomware cyber attacks. We will help you detect and prevent other attacks you may be vulnerable to, as well.

According to the report “Combating Destructive Malware”, on average, a single ransomware attack costs large multinational companies 239 million dollars and destroys 12,316 computer workstations.

That kind of financial loss is worth the extra steps of increasing your cybersecurity, not to mention the risk of losing all your data which really is priceless and irreplaceable.

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where we have to work so hard to protect our businesses and financials from those with ill intent. Luckily, we have the tools to help, through advanced cybersecurity and our friendly team of accredited experts, we want to partner with you to stop ransomware criminals in their tracks.