With a new decade on the horizon, you can expect technology to become even more integrated into your business. Smartphones and laptops are being joined by lighting systems, climate control units, fleets of trucks, company cars, office appliances, and more. 

As technology becomes cheaper, integrating it into a singular system becomes more feasible and advantageous for businesses of all sizes. This year, Gartner (a leading voice in the IT world) expects there to be over 20 billion devices connected across the networks of the world

Not only do they make life easier, but they can increase efficiency and reduce cost. 

All of these devices operating under a singular network creates what’s known as the “Internet of Things”. The Internet of Things (IoT) is made up of all the devices that access, share, and store information across your system. 

While IoT has increasingly become a necessary part of running a modern business, it can also expose you to some serious risks if not handled properly. 

The Dark Side of the Internet of Things 

The internet opened the door to all sorts of possibilities, good and bad. We tend to focus on all of the positive changes the modern internet brought, but before that, data security risks and cyber threats weren’t on the radar for most businesses.  

The Internet of Things has opened that door much wider. More devices connected to your system means more possibilities, but it also means more ways into your system. This year, Gartner estimates that 25% of attacks on enterprises will involve IoT

Part of the security risks stem from the fact that there is more to manage and keep updated. Any device connected to a network has some form of operating system on it. Operating systems require updates and patches to stay secure and continue to function properly. If you’re not keeping your devices updated, not only could you suffer from poor performance, but you could greatly increase your chances of being breached. 

Just one outdated device could be enough to let someone into your system. 

Keeping up to date with the latest devices, security measures, threats, and best practices is often too much for an internal IT team, much less one or two staff members. That’s where an external IT company can come in. 

At Expedient Technology Solutions, we offer different levels of IT service to meet the needs of your business. For smaller businesses, we can bring enterprise level strategy and knowledge, helping you to successfully integrate technology into your business securely. 

For larger businesses, there are more devices and people involved in your network, which means a higher level of support is needed. While in-house IT teams tend to be wrapped up in immediate needs, we can provide behind the scenes support to ensure everything stays up-to-date and runs smoothly. 

Don’t let the Internet of Things become a burden for your business. Contact ETS for IT services in Dayton, Ohio today!