Nearly 11 years ago, Windows 7 was released to the masses. Arriving just three short years after the largely criticized Windows Vista, Windows 7 received a much warmer reception.  It retained the same rounded, transparency-driven appearance on the surface, but underneath, the OS was lighter, faster, and much more compatible with existing tools and programs. 

Both individuals and businesses were quick to adopt. Six months after its official release, it became the fastest selling operating system Microsoft had ever released. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Especially operating systems.  

As hardware and software advances, older operating systems like Windows 7 struggle to keep up. Meanwhile, the longer an operating system is around, the more time hackers have to figure out ways through its security systems. Eventually, it’s just not worth the time or effort to keep patching and updating an old OS. 

As of January 14, 2020, free support for Windows 7 was officially terminated. That means that if you’re still running Windows 7, you will begin to experience increasing compatibility issues while exposing yourself to cyber threats. 

For those whose businesses are still running Windows 7, there is an Extended Security Update (ESU) program that runs until January 2023, however this costs money and ultimately holds your business back. Also smaller businesses who don’t have volume licensing contracts might not be eligible. 

Using outdated and unsupported software is a non-option for businesses today. One breach could be enough to shut down your business

In other words, it’s time to upgrade your business systems to the current system: Windows 10. 

Windows 10 received a similar response to Windows 7 upon release, correcting the mistakes of its predecessor ushering in modern features. Windows 10 comes with more customization and control, touchscreen compatibility, device scaling, better integration with Microsoft’s other systems like Office 365, and more. 

We know that the process of upgrading your entire infrastructure to a new operating system and new software programs is a hassle, but the end result is well worth it. The good news is, as a Microsoft Silver Competency Cloud Partner, we specialize in modern Windows programs such as Office 365, Teams, Azure, Microsoft 365 security, and more. 

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