Protecting your servers from unwarranted physical access is an important part of cybersecurity. Even with the proper firewalls, authentication measures, and redundancies in place, all of these defenses don’t mean much if a person can plug straight into your system.

Placing your servers in a secure data center is a great way to keep them protected. On the other hand, it limits your general access and control over the machines keeping your systems running.

When using cloud-based servers, this is generally fine. Assuming you’re working with a reputable host, equipment should be properly maintained, stored, and protected. If your data is running on a virtual instance, there’s little need for you to physically access the server.

In the case of colocation, however, physical access becomes more important. You are now relying on your own equipment, which needs to be monitored, managed, updated, and more.

Physical access can also be very beneficial when it comes to off-site backups. If you lose your on-site systems, and you need to retrieve your backup information, a cloud-based restoration can take a long time to transfer. All the while, your systems are down.

By being able to physically access your backups, you could directly transfer the data to physical storage, which can then be brought to your main server systems.

How do you leverage the convenience of off-site hosting and backups without becoming physically disconnected from your server systems? One way is to partner with a provider that can handle in-person needs for you.

A Bridge Between You and Your Data Center

At Expedient Technology Solutions, it’s our goal to provide businesses with Stress Free IT®. When it comes to hosting, that means ensuring your server systems are readily accessible. We offer colocation space in a Tier 4 data center, ensuring your equipment has the resources and protection it needs. We are able to conveniently access your equipment 24/7, as needed.

We also provide accessible off-site backup solutions.

For those operating in Dayton and the Southwest Ohio area, we’re able to transfer backup data to a data mule and bring it to your location quickly. For those living abroad, we can still help. Rather than forcing you to transfer backup data across the internet, we’re able to transfer backups directly to a cloud environment on the server, allowing you to connect and continue operations immediately.

With ETS, your server and your data are never more than a call or email away. For a hosting partner and managed service provider in Dayton, Ohio, contact ETS today!