It has become clear that, for most businesses, the work from home culture that was established in 2020 isn’t going anywhere. Employees have fallen in love with the flexibility and comfortability that working from home has offered them.

Luckily, technology solutions have caught up quickly to meet the demands and necessities of remote work. While many companies had their systems and infrastructure set up to accommodate work from home needs, many did not.

A key player in this transition to work from home has been “the cloud.

What is The Cloud?

We know the idea of the cloud can be hard to wrap your mind around if you aren’t familiar with the concept. But simply stated, the cloud is a method of storing data that can be accessed at any time, anywhere, from any device.

In the past, businesses relied on service oriented architecture (SOA). Much of this included harddrives that could only be accessed from a certain location, like an office building, less sharing capability, and very few systems in place to collaborate remotely.

It’s clear that cloud based IT will continue to be the way of the future. The benefits of cloud computing will continue to expand and support the work culture that is continually developing right before our eyes.

Managing The cloud

While cloud based work has allowed many businesses to move forward in 2020 and beyond, it does come with risks. When these risks are ignored, it can do more harm than good.

The good news is, the cybersecurity risks that come with Cloud use can be managed through a managed service provider near Dayton, Ohio, like Expedient Technology Solutions.

Our cloud based IT solutions give you access to your critical business data across the globe, while protecting your business and reducing the risk of data loss. Ultimately, we help businesses set up cloud based IT systems and save you the expense of replacing your infrastructure.

We’ll provide you with the expertise to select only the components that best fit your needs, allowing you to leverage your previous IT infrastructure investments before transitioning your existing systems to the cloud.

Our cloud based IT services include:

  • Hosted email solutions and complete migration services
  • Hosted disaster recovery solutions
  • Virtual servers
  • Managed offsite backup
  • Secure colocation data center facility
  • IT Consultation

As managed IT specialists, we don’t just know technology but we understand business. We work with countless businesses to maximize their IT efficiency and ultimately lead to greater success. As managed IT service providers, our services and expertise are available to you any time your business needs it!